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Embrace Your Evolution

Our Los Angeles Pole, Aerial and Exotic Arts Dancing classes are housed in our studio, a warm environment that embraces all levels of dance and fitness.  You’re free to come as you are, fearless and fierce, ready to reveal the natural woman within you.

Evolve’s studio environment embraces women of all shapes and sizes. Our energy cocoons you in natural warmth and sensuality, with class options that embrace your strengths and weaknesses while challenging you to maximize your potential with strength, grace and confidence.

Evolve Dance Studio embraces you and your unique journey. Designed to support your natural evolution, Evolve empowers you to step into your true being. As a result, you’re liberated to be the strong, healthy, and beautiful woman you’ve always been, yet may have suppressed.

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Want strength, sex appeal and fluidity? Pole dance is a sensual fusion of athleticism and femininity. Each class provides a rich and engaging fitness experience that fosters self-expression through dynamic movement.

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New To Evolve Special
Unlimited Classes $50

Beyond pole, unveil a world of sensuality with our dance fitness classes. Explore limitless opportunities to experience diversity in movement. Indulge in the sensuous ancient beauty of Bellydance, taste tropical culture of Dancehall, or get sultry and "Sophistiratchet" with a little Bodacious Booty!

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Aerial Classes
3 Classes $39

Come join the circus!! Aerial Silks, also known as Tissu, is taken directly from the big top and incorporates two long pieces of fabric suspended from the ceiling. You'll learn death-defying drops, contortions and maneuvers from high in the air. Don't worry you'll get a warm up that will get your muscles flexible with conditioning moves that help prepare you for the single foot locks which lead into the elegant poses and more!

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