Vilita Cruz

    At an early age Vilita was exposed to the health industry and has since maintained a balance of working at some of the nation’s top hospitals while teaching Pole Dancing and a myriad of other Fitness classes.
    Vilita is a graduate from the University of Southern California where she was on the Rowing Team. And although her background includes a range of physical activities, her foundation began with Dance and Gymnastics. To this day she infuses her Eastern European coaches technique into her teaching.

    Vilita Cruz instructs the following:
    Pole Virgin – Level 1

    Bring your yoga mat (or rent for $2), pole dance stilettos/socks and knee pads (can be purchased at Evolve).
    This class is perfect for you if you have never taken a pole class. In this class you will be introduced to the basic moves, needed to become a magnificent pole dancer.

    We suggest you take this class at least 8-10 times before advancing.

    First you will begin with the warm up which incorporates Yoga and Pilates but in a sexy way, next you will learn pole transitions like the Around the World, these moves are done around the pole with out lifting your body, Then you’ll learn Pole Spins like the Firefly, Sun Wheel and more. Lastly a quick routine that combines all moves and finally a cool down.

    Bring a yoga mat, don’t wear moisturizers or jewelry, you may dance with your bare feet or purchase or rent pole dance stilettos (bring this socks) at the studio.

    Strong is Sexy (Total Body & Pole Conditioning) Levels 1-4

    This is a fast paced class! This class is for everyone seeking a beautifully toned upper/lower body and a strong core. You can take this class even if you have no interest in pole dancing.

    Bring your stilettos, yoga mat or rent at the studio for $2.

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