Lori Hirai

    After a long stint of boxing and self-defense classes, Lori needed a change in her exercise regime to include creativity. About 3 years ago she picked up pole dancing which led her to Evolve. Lori quickly developed her advanced skills under the direction of Evolve instructors and through workshops with internationally-renowned performers like Felix Cane. Her understanding of individual development, patience, and respect make Lori an ideal leader in the class environment. In her spare time, Lori enjoys a wide variety of physical activities including hula hooping and running, which complement her healthy living lifestyle and passion for fine cuisine. If you are one of her students, you might be lucky enough to experience her amazing culinary skills!

    Lori Hirai instructs the following:
    Pole Virgin – Level 1

    Bring your yoga mat (or rent for $2), pole dance stilettos/socks and knee pads (can be purchased at Evolve).
    This class is perfect for you if you have never taken a pole class. In this class you will be introduced to the basic moves, needed to become a magnificent pole dancer.

    We suggest you take this class at least 8-10 times before advancing.

    First you will begin with the warm up which incorporates Yoga and Pilates but in a sexy way, next you will learn pole transitions like the Around the World, these moves are done around the pole with out lifting your body, Then you’ll learn Pole Spins like the Firefly, Sun Wheel and more. Lastly a quick routine that combines all moves and finally a cool down.

    Bring a yoga mat, don’t wear moisturizers or jewelry, you may dance with your bare feet or purchase or rent pole dance stilettos (bring this socks) at the studio.

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