Jamé Ellis

    Introducing the DIVA from Cleo’s Rock N Pole……Elastic, bombastic, fantastic, exotic dance choreographer, Jamé Elis takes dance to another planet, proving thick girls have juicy flex to boot and bang! Jamé combines her twenty years of experience and training in acrobatics, gymnastics, pole dancing, cheerleading, jazz, burlesque, and contemporary hip hop, in order to create extravagant performances. She has built routinesand performed on tours for leading artists such as Ludacris, Outkast and Niecy Nash. Ms. Elis has also appeared as a guest choreographer on shows such as “Botched”, “Bad Girls Club” and “The Real Talk” show. Besides her accolades what Jamé is most known her is her unrivaled attitude and skyscraper energy as she enhances your confidence, flexibility and performance with some hot out-of-the-box dance moves. She is a master at breaking down technique, executing the impossible, and infusing personality in each project she touches.

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