Put a ‘lil LIFE in your Sexy (with our brand new Pole Dance Intro Special)


Hey there, Beautiful

Take just ONE beat and get into your body for a hot second. (Especially if you’re neck deep in the grind of your day.)

Your body is ALWAYS right there for you—in all her Sacred Femme glory—even if it’s easy to forget she exists sometimes.

And DANCE is one of the best ways to remember the sensual, tantalizing, sexual-life-force ENERGY you have with you all the time—no matter how buried it feels.

This part of you doesn’t just come out during “sexy” time. She comes out in creativity, vitality, connection, emotion, chemistry, and so much more. She FUELS your hot life—when you let her.

We want to make sure that no matter what’s going on outside of you, this core piece of your Essential Self has room to play, vibe, chill, attract, desire, and MOVE.

That’s why we’ve revamped our Our New Student Intro Offer for expanded flexibility and responsiveness. When you enroll, you get:

  • 3 classes for just $47
  • 2 full weeks to use them!
  • Unlimited vibes, community, and that feeling you get when you’re ON YOUR SEXY GAME, Girl, and learning something new, enticing, and entirely playful and fun.

Plus, you can use your 3 classes in the span of 14 days—which gives you ample time to get to know our teachers, our vibe, and YOUR rhythm and flow—and how it all fits in with YOUR life on the go.

(Psst: there’s ALWAYS time for sexy, which is why we’ve added even MORE introductory classes to get you fully prepped and strong for flying on the pole.)

All you have to do is visit our website for the goodies.

See you on the Pole (and in your Amazing Goddess Essence) soon, Lovely.

Peace and light,

The Evolve Team

PS: Remember, you’ll need knee pads (for sale at check-in if you don’t already have a pair) and comfy, moveable clothing that makes you feel good in your skin. ALL the sexy bodies welcome here—just as you are. 

Here’s that LINK to grab our NEW Intro Special—we’re beyond thrilled to welcome you back to yourself at Evolve.

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