Here’s Why I Started Pole Dancing Again After 9 Years!

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Hey, Sexy Beings!

So this year for Black Friday Evolve is offering to help you start living your sexiest life ever! Before I give you the deal I wanted to share a little of my story. You may have seen me floating around the studios, checking you in at the front desk, flashing a smile or giving encouraging word here or there, but you didn’t really know who I was.  

I’m Lani Henderson, the founder of Evolve and I’d like to introduce or reintroduce in some cases, myself to you.  You see I recently began reinventing myself which includes being more open, letting go of fears and tears to ultimately live my most passionate, sexiest life ever.

The New Year is coming and I know a lot of you are ready to live in a state of being abundantly happy, fit and sexy.  This includes making lifestyle changes to create the life you’ve dreamed of. However, that takes making some major changes in your life.  Trust me I know, I decided to begin my New Year reinvention early, in fact, I started taking private pole lessons a month ago with a friend. 

You’d probably think it would be simple for me to jump into classes and be the craziest pole dancer ever right? But that’s not the case.  Some of you may know that when I began Evolve I actually taught classes, however being a single mother of two beautiful kids (now young women), running a business, life and lots of excuses got in the way and I stopped teaching and taking classes. I lost what flexibility and pole skills I had acquired.   You see just like anything in life, once you stop pole dancing and flexibility classes you’ve got to start again. Through the years I’ve taken a group class or private lesson here and there but haven’t been consistent or dedicated. Pole and flexibility can be unforgiving and require you to be tenacious in your efforts to achieve your goals.   Stop taking classes for two months? The pole will laugh at you, and getting back into your splits? Ha! They will both giggle at you and show you what they require from you……CONSISTENCY.  When insecurity crept in,  I lost my desire. I’m being honest and laying it all on the line, to clear my heart and soul.  

The state of being insecure prohibited me from taking classes, no matter how much I would encourage newbies to pole dancing and tell them they could do it….just believe and reprogram your thinking.  This wasn’t a lie or fluff to get y’all to pole, it’s just I didn’t believe in myself but wholly believed and wholeheartedly invested in others success. Have you ever heard the saying, “Do as I say and not as I do”?  In a nutshell, I had built a ridiculous wall that needed to fall. I programmed myself to fear myself and abilities, I feared the opinions of people I knew, and those I didn’t know, believing they would cast THEIR judgments on me.  They would see that I wasn’t the most limber person, I wasn’t an advanced poler or even a super sexy erotic dancer.   They would see that I was a beginner, those thoughts frustrated me and I cursed myself for letting time pass me by.  Those fears helped me totally block dance out of my life.  I’d walk past the poles every single day and not touch the pole other than to clean it for the next class. Fear is crazy right?





When I decided to open Evolve I wasn’t a classically trained dancer or even exotic dancer/stripper.  I’ve even had a friend tell me I had no rhythm and that I could never catch the beat! Sometimes we let others influence our thinking and subconsciously they linger in your spirit.  I didn’t let that stop me because I love the brilliant artistry of pole and dance, I knew I had to share it’s magic with the world.  I come from a family of creatives, we are green thumbs, we are poets, we are quilters and musicians.  I was dope in my younger years on the black and whites of a piano (classically trained),  I let that go as well but that’s another story (I’ve got lots and I’ll be sharing them on my blog). 

So recently I stepped out of my victim body, took charge and began taking private lessons for the last few weeks with a friend and I’ve been loving it.  Here’s what happened, I feel alive, strong and sexy! I stopped comparing myself to other dancers or studio owners and decided to Evolve and live my best life ever.  I’ve changed my diet back to the way I used to eat more healthfully and grounded.  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes soon (yep, I’m a culinary school graduate).  I’ve taken back my feminine energy and sexuality and repurposed it with awesomeness.  This includes increasing my strength, flexibility, inner peace, and orgasms! So if you see me in class say “hey girl”, give me a hug, but don’t judge me lol I’m in class just like you to Evolve My Sexy.

So after all of that soul shedding here are two Black Friday Deals to get you started on your own Sexy Journey.


Black Friday Promo #1


1 Private Lesson ($90 value)

Bonus #1  – 3 Group Classes ($58 value)

Bonus #2 – 2 Weeks of Pole Playground ($120 value)

All for Only $69



Black Friday Promo #2


3 Group Classes ($87 value)

Bonus #1 – 1 Free Class for BFF ($29 value)

Bonus #2 –  Weeks of Pole Playground ($120 value)

All for only $39


Whether you purchase either of the deals or not, I’d love to hear from you.  Comment below with questions, encouraging thoughts or share with me how you would like to reinvent yourself.  Hey, I bared my whole soul to you it’s only fair you share with me right? Btw, that was super cathartic.


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