With high demand for classes, we highly recommend booking in advance, up to 7 days. With this in mind, please note the following booking procedures to reserve your spot and avoid disappointment and extra fees


Bookings are open 7 days in advance for all classes, and can be made via our website. We have a $27 no-show and late cancellation fee per class. Please early cancel your class at least 6 hours prior to your class online, via email, to avoid the charges above. No Exceptions.


If you are on the waitlist you can be added into a class up to 60 minutes before the class starts. Once added, that space is yours, please don’t sign up to the waitlist if your schedule is not flexible and you are able to make it within 60 minutes.



Please check to ensure that you’re opted in to receive the email notifications, you will receive an email or text, at which point you can confirm in or out of the class. If you don’t respond, we will presume you will be attending.

– Late cancels or missed classes ($27) will incur an automatic charge for each occurrence with unlimited memberships and 1 Week Unlimited package.

– If you know you definitely can’t or won’t want to attend a class if you are added in from a waitlist, at any time of the day/night, please remove yourself from the waitlist 6 hours in advance to avoid any penalties or fees.
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