First Beginner Pole Dancing Class? What To Wear and More!

Are you a beginner to pole dancing?

If the idea of taking your first beginner pole dancing class in our Los Angeles studio has got your brows already starting to sweat, relaaaaaaax. We’ve all experienced a case of the nerves when it was time begin a new journey. But, after diving into your pole fitness lesson,  you’ll see there’s nothing to worry about.  Especially with our best intro offer!

One of the most nerve-wracking things you can ever do is try something new in front of a group of people you don’t know. Especially if it’s something sexy. That requires upper body strength. And a crap ton of confidence to do that something new while half-dressed in a room full of strangers.

Tips for Feeling Confident and Sexy During Your First Pole Dancing Class

1. Embrace a confident attitude from the start

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Therefore, when you come to class, walk in with your nerves intact and your head high. You’re courageous enough to try something death-defying and new. (How many people on your friend’s list can say that?) Pole is an exciting experience and your confidence will naturally skyrocket as you get through the class.  You’ll feel accomplished and sexy!  Just turn on your alter ego and be fearless.

2. Tag team and take your class with a friend

Having your friend present eases the discomfort triggered in an unfamiliar environment. Evolve provides several new member specials that are budget-friendly and designed to allow you to enjoy classes several times before committing. For the price of dinner and a movie, both you and a friend can indulge in a new fitness style that challenges your body and forces you to work together to succeed.  You can send our BOGO Intro Offer for $99 or buy a gift card for your BFF and come together!

3. Honor your body

Be fearless!  Skin is supreme during pole classes. Exposing your skin provides a level of friction needed to help you stick to the pole. That said, come to class prepped for the experience. Here’s how to dress for your first beginner pole class.

What type of clothes do I wear?

First off, don’t wear any lotions or oils, if you do you will slide down the pole and you will use more energy.  Inside of the studio, you’ll find 90% alcohol in the spray bottles and towels to wipe the poles down.  This will help keep the pole free or your natural body oils or perspiration.  If you have sweaty hands you can spray your hands with the alcohol, just make sure to hydrate and moisturize when you get home. There’s also Dry Hands, originally it was used by golfers to alleviate sweaty palms.  Somehow us polers got a hold to it and the rest is history.  Dry hands is a liquid light talc-based product that can be used to thwart off hand perspiration.  Just don’t use too much or you can end up sticking to the pole unexpectedly lol.  Secondly, make sure you are showing off that body!  The least amount of clothes the better!  You can wear a sports bra or tank top, and we suggest wearing shorts.  Don’t worry about your body weight or size and definitely don’t worry about your cellulite.

You won’t be judged or shamed!

Everyone in the class is here to get fit, be sexy and have fun.  This is not high school and no one is judging you, Evolve is a community and we support everyone.  However, if you are not ready to brave shorts go ahead and wear leggings.  Eventually, you will feel comfortable enough to wear shorts and maybe even a sexy bodysuit. Of course, the less you wear, the better, but if you’re not comfortable exposing too much, adjust the dress code to your comfort level. Once you see how other women look and dress – in every shape and size – you’ll lose your inhibitions and scale your pole clothes accordingly.

Do I have to wear those heels?

bejeweled stripper shoesLastly, here’s what to rock on your feet!  We are a community of sensual beings so of course, we suggest wearing Pleaser pole dancing heels or stilettos.  They make look intimidating if you see some of your classmates or instructors sporting 8-inch heels, but trust us they are practical and you can start at 6″  we guarantee you’ll want to upgrade your sexy to at least 7-inches.  Here’s the skinny on the stilettos. In the inside, wait for it …..there’s a vegan suede-like cover over the cushion which it makes it more comfortable for standing.  How else do you think the girls at the club are able to stand and dance for hours in super high heels?  Next, the platform it may look a little scary but really it’s a life saver as it absorbs the shock of the wood floor.  Also, it helps balance and level out the heel.  Listen, if you’re not ready to try stilettos, just bring socks.  The best way to know exactly what to bring to each class is to click on the class name on the schedule, this way you’ll know what to bring to class, what you’ll learn in the class and the skill level needed to take the class.  If you are wondering where in the heck do I get those shoes, don’t worry we sell them at the studio.  Just come a little earlier than your class to try them on.

“Pole Virgin was a Very Fun and Memorable Experience!”  Yvonne K

Evolve Pole Dance Studio takes pride in providing a high-quality pole and sensual dance atmosphere that’s encouraging, warm, and inviting. We welcome men to our pole dancing classes as well, just sign up online or call us at 323.230.9605 Our world-class instructors also radiate with welcoming energy to help you and friendliness, as our members do. You’re assured a smiling embrace as you enter your first class, however, these tips will help you arrive cool as a cucumber and ready for action.

How do I sign up?

Stop procrastinating and sign up for your class, you know you want to!  Click here to sign up for 2 classes for only $99.  This is the best way to get a feel for our studio and join our community.  You’ll be able to take all of our classes like Pole Virgin, Splits and Flexibility, Twerking, Chair Dance and Striptease, and many more!


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