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Now, here is what you need to know about Evolve Pole & Exotic Dance Studio. We are dedicated to the Pole Dancing, Aerial and Fitness industry and helping you achieve your goals. Our instructors eat, sleep and breathe Pole, Aerial and Fitness! Our mission is to help you on your journey to becoming a Pole Dance Queen. Our location is perfect because we are in Mid-City Los Angeles. We are minutes from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and the Westside, West Hollywood and Hollywood, Downtown, Culver City and Southern Los Angeles.

Seriously, Evolve is a welcoming, non-pretentious environment, but don’t get it twisted we are serious about pole dancing, aerial and fitness. Our community includes women of all, ages, sizes and nationalities with similar goals…to Embrace, Empower and Evolve! Yes, we have classes for novices, those of you with no experience to advanced competition level students our goal is help you achieve your pole aerial or fitness goal. From your first class we get you on the dance pole/hoop or silks and get you spinning, each class will be an awesome experience! Don’t forget our instructors are national and international competitors and award winners. Even if your intention is not to compete we want to give you the training needed to hang with the best of them! Trust us, there’s always a new spin, tuck or pose and we attend workshops and collaborate with the who’s who in the Pole Fitness and Aerial community often to bring back the hottest moves to you.

We have open enrollment so you can begin immediately, our classes are kept small and semi private so we can dedicate our time to helping you perfect your moves. Just don’t rush; we want to ensure you are doing the moves correctly. Yes, yes, we know you want to climb the pole like you’ve seen in all of the YouTube videos we will get you there, but it takes time even if you are an ex-gymnast, ex-ballerina, track star, etc. Just because you have the strength, doesn’t mean you’ve mastered the technique and technique is everything! That’s where we come in! We say this to say, get ready this ain’t Curves! We go hard, or if you need a little more attention we accommodate your needs and take it a wee bit slower, that’s why we keep our class sizes small to address your needs. We have Beginner, Intermediate and Challenging levels for classes.

Whether your agenda includes getting fit, gaining a sexy new bangin’ body, becoming the envy or your friends with your new pole prowess or gaining exotic stripper moves to entice your lover. We guarantee our classes will help you gain confidence, lean long physiques, strong cores and a sexy new persona! Don’t forget just as we are known world wide for our pole dancing and aerial classes we are known for our Pole Parties. We specialize in Pole Dancing & Lapdance Celebrations for Bachelorette Parties, Birthday, a get together for your girlfriends, heck we’ve even done Divorce Parties. Actually you don’t need a reason, to have a pole party!

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