5 Reasons To Start Pole Dancing Today

Pole dancing has grown in popularity in recent years and has become a popular form of exercise. It became a global phenomenon for a good reason. Pole dancing is a lot of fun and has a lot of health benefits for your body and soul.

 It’s about time you tried it if you haven’t already! Here are five reasons why you should join the ranks of fit and fab women who love to show off their stamina, strength, and stability on the pole.

1. Boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel strong

The most crucial benefit of pole dancing is not the workout, abs, or strength you gain, but the self-confidence and self-love. You will get to know yourself and your body in a new way, connecting with every part of it.

 Pole dancing connects you to your body and forces you to step outside your comfort zone regularly. It tests you in a novel way. It is unlike any other sport in terms of making you feel sexy.

2. Looking Younger and Healthier

Many women admit that pole dancing helps them lose weight and burn more calories than jogging or running. Your body improves, becoming more robust, flexible, and energetic. Pole dancing works out the entire body. It’s a never-ending journey that strengthens your muscles, bones, and body, giving you that energy boost you never had before.

3. Enhances balance and improves kinesthetic sensitivity

Kinesthetic sensitivity refers to your brain, its the ability to calculate where your body is in three-dimensional space with other objects around you. Pole dancing, as well as the complex routines and combos, instantly improve your kinesthetic consciousness.

This means fewer injuries from bumping into things and less clumsiness in your daily life. When combined with good balance, increased kinesthetic sensitivity allows you to avoid nasty common accidents like slipping and falling. Pole dancing also helps you become more flexible over time, and it is suitable for your joints and bones.

4. It reduces stress

Pole dancing reduces stress and makes you feel at ease, sleep better. You will feel more relaxed and happy after your workout. Pole dancing is a strenuous but effective workout.

Pole dancing benefits are not only physical but also mental. Pole dancing causes the release of endorphins, which reduces stress.

In regards to this, we offer private one or one session and bride to be / bachelorette and private birthday parties. This is the perfect activity that builds bonds.

5. Be part of a supportive pole community

Another significant advantage of taking up pole dancing is becoming a part of a fun and loving community. When you walk into a pole dance studio, you will immediately feel a sense of encouragement and support.

Friendship and a safe and happy environment can be found in the pole community. The connections you make here are priceless. Because it featured women of all shapes and sizes, you never have to worry about being judged within the community. Everyone is invited.

The pole community doesn’t care about your age and will gladly accept you with open arms, supporting and guiding you on your pole journey.

It’s now up to you to start pole dancing and enjoy these and other benefits for yourself. Get started today with our two-week free trial for $99! You’ll enjoy it.

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