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Twerking has been around for a while, but it’s one of the newest crazes in dance fitness. Twerk, which is a highly fun (yet supremely controversial) style of dance, focuses on strong butt movements, rhythmic pops and electrifying isolations. Twerk is a perfect complement to all styles of pole because it’s moves are erotic and playful, giving them the ability to be scaled up and down to tone your routine.

Learn how to pop, lock, and twerk through the following classes offered at Evolve:

Magic City

Apolla Sa’Deek – aka Mr. Ghetto Stiletto – brings the Raunch and Sass of the Dirty South to Los Angeles. Weaving together funknasty routines that infuse twerking with supercharged, ultra sexy erotic moves, Magic City gives you that dance and cardio fitness fusion needed to burn calories and break hearts.

Bodacious Booty

Girl, if you’ve ever pondered exactly how exotic dancers isolate, roll, and make their cheeks clap and twerk in a sexy manner, this is for you. Bodacious Booty unveils all the top-secret techniques needed for transforming your booty shake game.

You’ll begin by learning to bounce, shake, jiggle and twerk. Once you’ve got the movements, you’ll integrate them into a sexy, fierce choreographed routine.

First you’ll learn how to bounce, shake, jiggle and learn to twerk your booty, then you’ll learn a sexy, fierce choreographed booty routine. Bodacious Booty focuses on booty but provides a full body workout. Prepare to enter with an open mind and leave with an admirable arsenal of tricks to amaze and tantalize yourself and your lover!

Please Note: Both classes have music which contains explicit, raunchy lyrics. You’re also advised to bring kneepads or purchase them at Evolve before class.

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