New To Evolve? 

Pole Virgin

This class is perfect for you if you have never taken a pole class. In this class you will be introduced to the basic moves, needed to become a magnificent pole dancer.

We suggest you take this class at least 6-8 times before taking Pole Vixen Classes.

First you will begin with the warm up which incorporates Yoga and Pilates but in a sexy way, next you will learn pole transitions like the Around the World, these moves are done around the pole with out lifting your body, Then you'll learn Pole Spins like the Firefly, Sun Wheel and more. Lastly a quick routine that combines all moves and finally a cool down.

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Do you want to wind it like a Dancehall Queen, but think the moves are too intimidating or difficult?

Let Peppa demystify the Art of Dancehall Reggae and break down each step, she'll help you eMPOWER and eVOLVE your Inner Dancehall Queen. You'll learn moves to impress your lover and everyone at the Reggae Club. Set to the hottest dancehall reggae rhythms you will be rolling it, dropping it, and rocking it while mastering moves like Pretty Whine, Hatta Peppa, Catch a fire, Tender Touch, Headtop, Drummer Boy, Bucky Bounce and more!
Bring your KNEEPADS, or purchase in studio for $15

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This class will cover basic mounts and poses while emphasizing form. Short sequences will be introduced to build confidence and stamina in the air. No prior experience is necessary!

Wear leggings!

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Sexy University

4 week session similar to their basic for beginners

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