Overcoming Your First time Jitters: How to Feel Sexy and Comfortable in Your Skin During Your First Pole Class

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One of the most nerve-wracking things you can ever do is try something new in front of a group of people you don’t know. Especially if it’s something sexy. That requires upper body strength. And a crap ton of confidence to do that something new while half-dressed in a room full of strangers.

If the idea of taking your first pole class has got your brows already starting to sweat, relaaaaaaax. We’ve all experienced a case of the nerves when it was time to take our first class. But, after diving in, we’ve learned there’s nothing to worry about. After your class, you will too.

Tips for Feeling Confident and Sexy During Your First Pole Dance Class

1. Embrace a confident attitude from the start

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Therefore, when you come to class, walk in with your nerves intact and your head high. You’re courageous enough to try something death-defying and new. (How many people on your friend’s list can say that?) Pole dance is an exciting experience and your confidence will naturally skyrocket as you get through class.

2. Tag team and take your class with a friend

Having your friend present eases the discomfort triggered in an unfamiliar environment. Evolve provides several new member specials that are budget-friendly and designed to allow you to enjoy classes several times before committing. For the price of dinner and a movie, both you and a friend can indulge in a new hobby that challenges your body and forces you to work together to succeed.

3. Honor your body

Everyone shows skin during pole classes. Exposed skin provides a level of friction needed to help you stick to the pole. That said, come to class prepped for the experience. Hip hugger style yoga shorts, capris and even leggings can be used in class. Of course, the less you wear, the better, but if you’re not comfortable exposing too much, adjust the dress code to your comfort level. Once you see how other women look and dress – in every shape and size – you’ll lose your inhibitions and scale your pole clothes accordingly.

“Pole Virgin was a Very Fun and Memorable Experience!”

Evolve Dance Studio takes pride in providing a high-quality pole and sensual dance atmosphere that’s sensual, warm, and inviting. Our world-class instructors also radiate warmth and friendliness, as our members do. You’re assured a warm embrace as you enter your first class, however these tips will help you arrive cool as a cucumber and ready for action.

If you’re ready to explore your sexy or sassy side, we invite you to pick up your New Member passes. They’re a great value at 3/$39 and can be used for Pole Virgin, our signature Intro to Pole Course with world-class instructor Sasja Lee.


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