How long will it take for me to move from Level 1 to the next level?

Progressing from Level 1 is determined by many factors. How often you attend class, how strong is your core and upper body strength, are you completing beautifully executed spins, etc.? There is no exact answer, feel free to speak with your instructor and she will let you know when you are ready to progress.

I’m a classically trained dancer, can I take an Advanced/Challenging Class?

We wouldn’t suggest it….Here’s why. Pole dancing is a different dance form than Ballet or Jazz. Yes, we add in a couple of Rel-eves and Stag’s in our combinations but Pole Dance is technique separate unto itself. We use different movement for our poses especially Advanced Classes, that require extreme core and upper body strength and repetition to perfect and make beautiful. Advanced Classes move quickly as the students are familiar with the Climbs, Inverts, Spins, and Poses.

How long are the classes?

All classes are one hour unless noted differently in the class description.

How do I make a reservation for a class?

Feel free to give us a call at 323.230.9605 or enroll through our Class Schedule.

What if I miss a class and I have a monthly package or class package?

There is a 6 hour cancellation period. If you fail to cancel prior to 6 hours, you will be charged a $20 fee.  Are you serious?  Yes, we are very serious.  If you don’t cancel your class, this may prevent your fellow students from taking your place.

All class packs are valid for 60 days only. No exceptions.

What do I wear or bring to class?

Please DO NOT wear any body lotions or oils to class as it makes the pole slippery and dangerous. Ladies dress comfortably. Tank tops, shorts or yoga capri’s. Expose your ankles/heels.  For intermediate/advanced classes you will need sports shorts or hot shorts.  Bare legs are necessary to grip the pole for climbing and inversions.

Cloth style knee pads (optional). These protect your knees during floor work and can be purchased at any sporting goods store for around $10.

If you own a yoga mat, please bring it to class.  Please leave all hand a wrist jewelry at home!  Why? You can lose diamonds and damage your jewelry and the poles.

What kind shoes should I wear?

For pole dance classes pole dance stilettos are recommended to get the best movement around the pole.  We sell Pole Dance Stilettos that start at $40.  Please do not bring your stilettos from home unless they have a platform and a rubber sole.  If you don’t have or prefer to dance without stilettos, you may dance with your bare feet or half soles.

For Fitness classes bring you may dance with athletic shoes, with bare feet, or half-soles.

Where do I buy exotic dance stilettos?

At Evolve, they begin at $40.

Do I need to get in shape/lose weight before I start to pole dance?

No, women of all body types and fitness levels are welcome in our classes. Pole Dancing will help tone and sculpt your body. The maximum weight for the X-Pole is 280 pounds.

Do I need have dance experience? What if I am not flexible?

You do not need dance experience to join a intro or beginner class. We start with a warm up to help develop strength and flexibility. Pole classes start with simple movements that anyone can master. From there, you will build your pole dance skills step by step, day by day or week by week.

Is there an age restrictions for pole dancing?

There is no age restriction, we ask for our younger clients to get parental consent if you are under 18.

Where can I get my own pole?

You may purchase your own pole at Evolve Dance Studio.
We carry the X-Pole brand. Contact us at 323.230.9605.

What is your class refund policy?

Once you have registered for a class or series, we do not issue a refund. If necessary, you may transfer your class to a friend or relative.

I have Perkville Points, Client Credits and a Yelp Deal, Can I redeem them all at once?

No, there is one redemption per transaction.

Do you have a parking lot?

No, there is metered street parking immediately in front of the studio. Also, there is free parking on Hayworth Ave, one block west of Fairfax.

What is your cancellation or missed class policy?

Please cancel 6 hours prior to the class start time ONLINE or you will be automatically forfeited and charged a $20 fee. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your class, it will count as a missed class. Please add What is your Purchase Policy - Please check your expiration dates. No refunds. Class Packages or Memberships MAY NOT be shared. Classes with 4 or less students may be canceled, due to low enrollment. The studio will send an email cancellation or contact you at least 4 hours prior to the class time.

  • Testimonials

    "The goods are SO GOOD!  Right across from the front desk, lovingly displayed were a great selection of "Pleaser" pole dance shoes in a variety of styles and very reasonably priced.  Lonnie pulled my size and showed me where I could try them on.  She helped me pick the right size explaining what to look for and how to treat the shoes.  And, then, when I went to pay for them, what did I find?  Lovely, fun, sexy leg warmers....so many that it was all I could do to limit myself to one pair."

  • Testimonials

    "Clearly Sensual movements is Peppa's specialty!  She looked so good doing it and good-naturedly ran back and forth between two "studios" to lead two groups of girls.  What a FUN CLASS!  This is what I'd been looking for!  We warmed up in heels, then learned a routine that took us from a walk to the wall to the floor with flow, fluidity, sensuality, and sexiness.  I couldn't stop staring myself in the mirror and I wasn't the only one!  This kind of class promotes comraderie between women and very quickly I was sharing tips and joking with my classmates.  I could see the same happening in the other class.  And, when you see women in all shapes and sizes learning to feel sexy, you understand why this kind of class has become so popular!  For the gymnasts and hardcore polers, the studio also offers several aerial arts options."

  • Testimonials

    "Evolve Dance Studio is a gorgeous studio that I personally frequent about 5 times a week! What I love about Evolve is the well rounded education in dance and fitness that you receive. From pole dance, floor work and sensual movement, to zumba and brazillain dance, and even hoop classes! The teachers are fantastic and the studio is kept beautiful and clean. Class times in the evenings and weekend are extremely convenient for those with full time day jobs. I highly recommend you try a class there. You'll get a great work out without even realizing it! But be warned - its addicting! :)"

  • Testimonials

    "Awesome first class to take! It starts out with stretches on the floor (in heels!) + instruction on general movements like hip circles before the pace quickly picks up with choreographed routines across the floor.  Don't forget to wear stilettos! Not only will Annmarie check that you have the right kind of heels, but wearing them will make you feel that much more invigorated while strutting, touching yourself + gyrating your way around the studio. Don't let Annmarie's outspoken + raw nature get to you as she shouts things like, "Yesss, this is slut music!" or "I require you to touch your boobs!" There's girls in the class of all shapes + sizes who having been taking it for months or years so watching them easily dispels any shyness about getting out there + showing what you've got. Be prepared to flaunt it during a freestyle round at the end. I left this class feeling amazingly energized. And yes, some girls really do wear lingerie... or have stripped down to it by the end of class.;)"

  • Testimonials

    "Having been a dancer for most of my life + taken a pole class before, I figured that I would be able to catch on at this level rather than starting off at the Intro level since that class description made it seem very too elementary. I called in to ask, + the receptionist confirmed that she thought I would be fine, too. I guess I was both right + wrong. After stretches, my friend + I realized that we were the only true beginners in the class of 8 as the other 6 had a good grasp of not only spins but also climbs + some inversions. Annmarie straight up said she wasn't going to baby us, showed a couple spins + then left us to practice on our own. I'd say we definitely spent most of our time watching the others (4 advanced girls on the other side + 2 intermediate girls next to us) + trying to imitate what we deemed feasible than actually receiving any critique or instruction. While Annemarie is amazingly talented on the pole, her teaching style for a class like this just wasn't for me. "

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