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Evolve has some of the best splits and contortion classes Los Angeles has to offer – and guess what? Contortion training classes are included with your Aerial or DanceFit package, so let the fun begin!

First of all, we know what you’re thinking – “Me? Contort? Ha! I’d snap in two!”  But that’s not the case. Yes, learning the splits and contortion training appears intimidating – but we want to assure you it is not as hard as it seems.

Zay has devoted her life to theater and body art. She is a master at designing each class to adapt to your needs, which means you won’t feel alienated or left out on your own during class flow.

Splits and Contortion includes the right combination of training, technique, and balance to help you shine. Each class includes focused stretching to improve flexibility in your back, legs, shoulders, and hips. You’ll also fine tune your balance and increase you ability to support your body weight while performing impressive contortion moves.

Contortion is a 90 minute class that will stretch you and your limits. Prepare to win the battle of mind over matter once you walk in. The next hour and a half will be a collective group experience as we push through our discomforts to achieve greatness. Again, Evolve has the best splits and contortion classes Los Angeles has to offer, hands down!

Having a flat splits is every pole dancers dream!  It makes all of your poses look so much more refined, not to mention how sexy the splits look during floor work.  If you are itching to get into your splits effortlessly, this class is for you.


What To Wear?

Again, every level of flexibility is welcome to class. Just come as you are, dressed in comfortable layers, along with your roller ball and yoga mat. Then come get ya (circus) freak on!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH ~ Sneak Peak of Contortion & Splits Class

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