Anikia Jackson

AnnaKia moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue a life of movement. By day she works for a Utilities company and by Night she is an instructor, performer, and student. After 4 years of self-exploration she has finally found her niche in Sexy Power Pole. She is very humble to be able to share her story, movement, and passion with the world.

Anikia Jackson instructs the following:
  • Erotic City Pole Flow - Levels 2-4
  • Levels 2-4 (You must have taken more than 10 Pole Virgin Classes)
    This is a Stiletto Class, bring knee pads, yoga mat and heels)
    Take your pole dancing to a new level by adding low pole sexy choreography! This class combines elements of erotic dance, and utilizing low flow (pole dancing closer to the floor and aerial pole artistry to create a mesmerizing choreographed routines.

  • Climb and Invert - Levels 1-4
  • Levels 1-4
    We will focus on strengthening your core, upper and lower body, next you'll learn the correct way to climb and invert. Don't worry this class is progressive, there are so many ways to climb and invert so you won't get bored and we promise to give you an awesome workout!
    Bring your yoga mat and stilettos if you're nasty!

  • Twirl, Spin, Fly (Spinning Pole) Levels 1-4
  • Pole Spinning Pole Class..... add swirly new moves to your repertoire with this intensive choreographed spinning pole class.  Learn new fabulous pole combinations that can only be done on the spinning pole! Amaze yourself with your new flying abilities!

  • Pole Virgin - Level 1
  • Bring your yoga mat (or rent for $2), pole dance stilettos/socks and knee pads (can be purchased at Evolve).
    This class is perfect for you if you have never taken a pole class.  In this class you will be introduced to the basic moves, needed to become a magnificent pole dancer.
    We suggest you take this class at least 8-10 times before advancing.
    First you will begin with the warm up which incorporates Yoga and Pilates but in a sexy way, next you will learn pole transitions like the Around the World, these moves are done around the pole with out lifting your body, Then you'll learn Pole Spins like the Firefly, Sun Wheel and more.  Lastly a quick routine that combines all moves and finally a cool down.
    Bring a yoga mat, don't wear moisturizers or jewelry, you may dance with your bare feet or purchase or rent pole dance stilettos (bring socks) at the studio.

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