Taisha .

Taisha . instructs the following:
  • Sensual Splits & Flexibility - Levels 1-4
  • This one hour sexy stretch class is open to all levels shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a relaxing and calm stretch or a rejuvenating push in your flexibility and get your front, center and side splits you will benefit from this class.
    Drawing on techniques from ballet and yoga this class will increase flexibility in your legs, hips, back and shoulders in a safe and fun relaxed environment.
    Bring a yoga mat, or you can rent or purchase at the studio!

  • Bodacious Boot/Twerk Choreography - Levels 1-4
  • Wear Shorts! Bring Kneepads or purchase at Evolve for $16
    Every wonder how exotic dancers isolate, roll and make their cheeks clap and twerk?
    We will show you all the secret techniques to transforming your booty game! First you'll learn how to bounce, shake, jiggle and learn to twerk your booty, then you'll learn a sexy, fierce choreographed booty routine.

    Even though this class focuses on the booty, you will get a total body workout!

    You'll leave the class with an arsenal of tricks to amaze yourself and tantalize your lover!
    Music Contains Explicit and Raunchy Lyrics

  • Slow & Sexy Choreography - Levels 1-4
  • No experience necessary
    Slow seductive choreography.....dripping with contemporary, ballet and jazz served up with lots of va va boom!
    Bring your Yoga Mat, Knee Pads and Socks

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