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Zay Weaver has a BA in Theater Performance from Western Michigan University. Since 2005, she has been touring the globe with Aerial Angels, Stand Up Eight, and solo endeavors; performing circus in street shows, banquet halls, castles, and even a shopping mall in Dubai. While living in NC, she trained and instructed pole at her cousin's studio, Aradia Fitness. A recent transplant to L.A., Zay is pursuing a film career, studying long-form improv at IO West, and teaching circus arts at Kinetic Theory. She is happy to be joining the Evolve Family.
Guess what! You can take Contortion classes with the Aerial package you purchased!  So let The Contortions Begin! - Contortion is not as difficult as it looks, even though that statement might be incredibly hard to believe. With the right training, technique and balance, you, even as a complete beginner, can wow your friends after taking just a few contortion training. Get ready for focused stretching to improve flexibility in the back, legs, shoulder and hips • Fine tuning of your balance and your ability to support your body weight while performing impressive contortion moves •

All levels of flexibility welcome! Dress in layers, a yoga mat, and a roller ball if ya got 'em, and get your stretch on. No wusses allowed in this class - we'll be pushing through discomfort to achieve greatness, with an hour and a half of full body stretching.

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