Fit & Flexibility (Downstairs)

This class is taught by:

Annemarie Davies

Annemarie is the founder of United Pole Artists. AM has been pole dancing since January 2002, only a small time before it was “all the rage”. Beginning gymnastics at age five, she then went on to become a competition cheerleader for 11 years. It was there where she learned to dance, become flexible and do daredevil type stunts and flips on a regular basis. Once Annemarie discovered the pole, her pole dancing talents came very naturally. She went on to win the Entertainer of the year for Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club in 2006, headlining in Spearmint Rhino clubs across the country, doing themed shows with costumes and props. After working for 5 1/2 years in the strip clubs, Annemarie transitioned into dancing at Jumbo's Clown Room in Hollywood, Ca. JCR is a popular bikini bar that has many different types of entertainers, burlesque, comedic, show tuners and pole acrobats. In 2008, with an immense amount of help and support from the owners of X-Polesitions, she produced the biggest and best pole dance contest in LA to date, Pole Star Invitational. Her company, United Pole Artists is a sponsor to the California Pole Dance Championship and Miss Georgia Pole Dance Competition. For more information on UPA, visit

Leigh .

Leigh Acosta has trained and performed pole for eight years throughout Arizona and Southern California. In 2007, she began training on various aerial apparatus including tissu, hoop, and trapeze. While her passion is in pole and aerial dance, she has also trained in modern, ballet, partner acrobatics, stilt walking, ballroom and swing dance. She has been fortunate enough to train under Jessica Lindsay (Aerial Showgirls). She has been featured in a variety of shows including Lucha VaVoom, Labyrinth of Jareth and the Ink-N-Iron Tattoo Festival. She is also the official aerialist/pole dancer for the Toledo Show and the Los Angeles Bondage Ball. Leigh has done opening performances for world-renowned performers such as Felix Cane and the band Lords of Acid. After much hard work and dedication she is happy to be able to teach her skills while still performing on a regular basis.

Emily W

Emily is a member Girl Next Door, a pole dance soiree. Emily comes from a dance background in ballet, jazz, belly dance, and Argentine tango. Pole dance is her favorite hobby and form of alternative exercise while she pursues her career as a student of dental medicine. She believes that pole dance empowers women to look and feel sexier, stronger, more graceful, and confident in every aspect of life.


Emily is a principal cast member of Girl Next Door, a pole dance soiree. Emily comes from a dance background in ballet, jazz, belly dance, and Argentine tango.

Pole dance is her favorite hobby and form of alternative exercise because it empowers women to look and feel sexier, grow stronger, and become more graceful and confident.

Mina Mortezaie

Mina is the current USPDF (U.S. Pole Dance Federation) Amateur Champion. She comes from a background in Dance and Gymnastics. She has been Pole Dancing for 3 years and her style brings grace, strength, and flexibility to the pole. With a degree in Communications from UCLA, Mina’s resume includes experience in broadcast journalism and digital marketing. Mina has been featured in the LA Times for her pole dancing and has graced the cover of Pole 2 Pole magazine in December 2009. She is also a Brand Director for Bad Kitty Pole Wear and just launched a new clothing line made just for pole dancers called “Pole Fit.” Mina's latest accomplishments include winning the East Meets West Bi-Polar competition with her partner Nadia Sharif.

Vilita Cruz

Vilita Cruz is a Southern California native.

With a marathon runner and health fanatic as a father, it is no wonder she found solace in exercise.

At an early age she was exposed to cross country running, swimming, ballet, skiing, tap, jazz, and gymnastics.

Vilita has always been drawn to unique activities and participated in Riffle Line, Belly Dancing, Latin Dance, and most recently in the Aerial Arts of Pole and Silks.

Vilita is a graduate from the University of Southern California where she was on the Rowing Team.

Her motto “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!”

Peppa Pou

Peppa was born in Belize City, Belize and moved to the states as a teenager. She discovered and embraced her love for dancehall in 2005 and has never looked back. She’s Los Angeles #1 female dancehall danca, Southern California dancehall queen 2009-2011 and Bayarea Dancehall Queen 2010-2011. Peppa has been a dancehall reggae choreographer/instructor since 2006 and has worked with various artists from LA. She’s performed at various venues throughout Hollywood. Her pole dance training began in December 2009 right here at Evole. She continues to develop her skills in Dancehall, Pole dance, Ariel Hoop, weight training and yoga. Afro Brazilian and West African dance styles are also a part of her dance training.
Get strong and flexible! Fit & Flexibility is a total body workout with an emphasis on upper body and core exercises. You'll gain the strength needed to perform intricate aerial moves and create beautiful lines with intense stretching and exercises that include a combination of circuit training, yoga and pilates. This class is awesome for students looking to increase their overall strength and flexibility, it's especially great for Aerial and Pole Dance enthusiasts.
This is not a Pole Dancing Class.  Yoga mat and yoga strap needed.  Dress comfortably.

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